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And here are a few random shows Muddy Boots has aired on KVMR.

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~ Verily, Verily Verses ~

If you found a fairy flute frolicking fancy
feathers from forest fingers,
In wondrous wizard wings with witty
Would you think they was as dreamy
As the misty earth stews steamy?
Who ever sees the sea straight with our

If you bumped into a bohemian bee busily
buzzing brilliant beams,
While the sassy sayers suck sap soothing
Would you think they was as jolly
As the chicken flaps in folly?
Who is who is whose conspiring these

If you told tall tongue tales tactfully
teasing tasty timeless teachers,
And postulate pretty pompous plump
Would you think they was as seamy
As the starlight comes in creamy?
Who goes growing our girth knowing our

If you met a musky monkey merrily munching
many marvelous moons,
While cloudy castles covet caroling
Would you think they was as hilly
As the tiger licks a lily?
Who writes with words wishing for loony

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