Muddy Boots wanders where sneakers never will, moving on the back roads through the backwoods and to the forgotten cracks of our imagination. Tune in to hear a patchwork of sound, snippet, and song; field recordings from wherever, the random whimsical, and the rare, and not-so-rare.

I like to call this weaving thread of audio a Sound Painting. Intertwined throughout the musically driven playlist are artisanal and anachronistic cuts, film clips, one-off sounds, folktales, cut-ups, literary snippets, poetic whimsy, home recordings, and other assorted oddities. The intent is to impart a loose-knit story within the playlist in order to provide the listener with the opportunity to marvel at what musician Robin Williamson refers to as “the sheer unspeakable strangeness of being here at all.”

There’s something to be said for radio – streaming or the good ol’ radio waves – being a vehicle to journey into a sonic wonderland. Lend an ear and embark on a voyage. . . Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay!!

Besides the usual podcast listening feeds, you may tune in to Muddy Boots on two wonderful radio stations - Wavefarm Radio and KVMRx. Follow the links for a complete schedule.

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